Peep is the fun and easy way to share contacts or your favorite photos with friends in record time!
(They need to have Peep also to receive and/or share with you.)

Don't have ink or e-mail? No Worries! Peep will send any contact from your iPhone directly to your buddy's iPhone and they can save it right into their own address book.

Peep is also a great way to send pictures from your iPhone to someone else's again without the hassle of accessing the Internet or e-mail. Simply choose a photo on your phone and send it to your friend's iPhone wherever they happen to be.

Peep takes the effort out of trading digits and pics!


  • Share contacts and photos without needing e-mail or sms!

  • Share the entire contact including numbers, addresses, notes, and even the image!

  • Send photos in their full camera resolution and quality - or make them smaller if you want!

  • Preview the Peeps you receive and even edit the contact information before you save it!

  • Share contacts and photos with a friend wherever and whenever... they don't even have to be awake!
  • Send it now, and Peep will hold on to it so they can get it later!

   New in Peep 3!

  • Custom Peep ID: Now you can choose your own Peep ID!

  • New Devices: Now you can share photos and contacts between iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!

   New in Peep 2!

  • Peep Notifications: Peep can now send you an Alert or Text Message when you receive a new Peep!

  • Turbo Preview: Photos and Contacts only download once per session!

  • Improved User Interface!

  • Integrated Online Documentation!